Britny Fox Planning New CD, Call Rumors Of Their Break-Up ‘Bullshit’


February 18, 2008

Britny Fox guitarist Greg Polcari has set the record straight regarding rumors of the band’s demise that were posted by Britny Fox’s former manager/booking agent Metal Edge Entertainment:

“There have been rumors going around that my band BRITNY FOX is not touring this year and is not recording a new album.

*** The rumours are all false, not true, bullshit, etc. ***

Our previous management company METAL EDGE ENTERTAINMENT is posting that everything is cancelled.

*** Once again the rumours are all false ! ***

BRITNY FOX has signed a new record deal with CHAVIS RECORDS and a new management / booking deal with LANE PRODUCTIONS .

We are recording a live cd/dvd combo in the U.K. on May 17th during our world tour. A new studio album will be recorded this year when the tour is completed.

Tour dates are posted with more are being added weekly. The new lineup kicks major ass and the new albums will be kickin’ some serious ass as well.

Tour dates, info and band member websites can be found on my Myspace page at

As always , your continued support is greatly appreciated.

See you on the road my friends…
Greg Polcari”

Earlier in the day Big Poppa and Metal Edge Management posted the following statement regarding the status Of Britny Fox at

“Big Poppa and Metal Edge Entertainment have suspended Britny Fox and will be seeking legal remedies as our parent company owns the Britny Fox logo.

This decision came in the wake of a tour that was being planned and a new album with a new singer was about to be embarked on with full support from a record label.

William Degly, AKA Billy Childs, the only original member of Britny Fox that was left in the Britny Fox project and Big Poppa Of Metal Edge Entertainment could not reach an agreement as to how the band should operate.

Big poppa states, “Myself and an unnamed record label along with a NEW lead vocalist and every other member of the band were of the same volition that Britny Fox was about to record a new album and basically be reborn and become a viable band again. However Britny Fox bass player and least known member William Degley, AKA Billy Childs, thought he had better thoughts and direction that the band should go and REFUSED to do the album that was being handed to the band on a silver platter with all songs being written for them and all they had to do was show up and play, the album which would have brought them back to the limelight, and therefore has caused the cancellation of all US and UK tour dates”.

Poppa continues that, “we as the sole trademark owner of the Britny Fox logo cannot in good conscience allow Mr Degly to continue on with a substandard vocalist of his choosing and ROB and DECEIVE the public of a true Britny Fox performance by deceiving the public into believing that they are the TRUE Britny Fox. We have barred the use of the name and logo of Britny Fox by Mr Degley and anyone else, be it nightclub or booking agent. We will not allow them to infringe on our intellectual property rights to put a hacked up version of Britny Fox out there in front of the fans for the sole purpose of deceiving the public into buying a ticket to a Britny Fox show that is truly NOT the correct Britny Fox band.

We personally cannot believe that Mr Degly would act in such a way that would lead to the complete and utter destruction of Britny Fox as they were being handed an album, a vocalist, and a tour along with all the songs for the album that would have surely skyrocketed them back into the limelight, especially considering that they are a 20 year old band with no success in as many years notwithstanding the embarrassment of Springhead Motorshark that was released in 2003 to a public that completely scoffed at that release. This was to be the rebirth Of the band and he just literally walked away with no consequence to any of the other band members or for the past months of hard work and many hours of work that management has placed into this project.

At this point there is no resolution on the horizon as we have ordered a cease and desist against Mr Degly and all booking agents and venues from using the name or logo Britny Fox and from booking the band or allowing any performance thereof because without our express written consent they would be violating our intellectual property rights. All tour dates that are now booked will have the deposits refunded so as Of now it looks as if the Britny Fox band is now for the present DEFUNCT and will be doing no shows in The future until all monetary and legal remedies have been met by the band to their management and trademark owners.”

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