Britny Fox Reaches Agreement With Metal Edge Management


February 19, 2008

In an agreement that details will remain undisclosed Britny Fox has reached an agreement with Chris “Big Poppa” Hogan of Metal Edge Entertainment and will be able to tour as planned

Big Poppa states” I am Very happy that we were able to come to the table like men and reach an agreement and stay out of the courts where only the lawyers are the true winners anyway, I have the utmost respect For Billy Childs and the guys in Britny Fox and for their Music and wish Them the best . I do wish to express my apologies for any things that may have been said out of context and that were hurtful on my part to the guys personally, but there was a huge feeling of Betrayal on our end that we felt coming in and that was totally misread by myself and other parties involved, I have not a bad word to say About Britny Fox, Billy Childs or anyone for that matter, There were just some Hurt Feelings as we were FRIENDS, not just business partners and that’s what made it so hard, But once again I do apologize for any hurtful statements toward Britny Fox and wish them nothing but success now and in The future and urge everyone to go see a Britny Fox show whenever one is near, You wont be disappointed”

Big Poppa
Metal Edge Entertainment

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