Broken Teeth Singer Talks About Working With Danko Jones

Broken Teeth Singer Talks About Working With Danko Jones

March 17, 2010

Rocknation recenty caught up with Broken Teeth/Dangerous Toys vocalist Jason McMaster to talk about the band’s new album ‘Viva La Rock, Fantastico!’, out now on Perris Records.

When asked how he hooked up with Danko Jones, who recorded some vocals for the CD, Jason replied, “A friend of mine, Alyson Murray, in Scotland sent me somemusic years ago. She sent me the Darkness and Danko Jones. She mayhave sent me other stuff, but those were memorable. The Darkness Icouldn’t sit thru the first song, but when I put Danko in I couldn’tstop listening to it, its incredible old school rock n’ roll.

You allneed to check out and watch his videos on YouTube.It’s super high energy fun rock in the likes of Kiss, AC/DC,Motorhead, and Thin Lizzy with an old punk rock attitude. It’s reallyfresh.

I went and saw Danko play with Turbonegro in Austin at Emosand I was blown away. I met him after his set, gave him some CDs, andstayed in touch. When we were tracking vocals on the new record, Iwas in touch with Danko regularly. I just asked him if he would dosome vocals and he said, ‘Yes, the sooner the better,’ since he wasabout to start a tour with Saxon and Motorhead in Europe. He sings onthe title track, and another tune called Big Spender. It’s awesome.”

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