Broken Teeth to release new album ‘Bulldozer’ “very soon”

Broken Teeth to release new album ‘Bulldozer’ “very soon”

Broken Teeth CD coverBroken Teeth have posted a short announcement on their Facebook site today indicating that they will be playing a show on October 23, 2015 at The Sidewinder (formerly Red Eyed Fly) to “celebrate the release of the new record – BULLDOZER, a 7 song EP, available on Vinyl, CD and Itunes very soon.”

Sleaze Roxx has long been a fan of Broken Teeth and over the years has reviewed many of the band’s releases.

With respect to the band’s 2005 live album Blood On The Radio, Sleaze Roxx stated: “For people that haven’t heard Broken Teeth before I always say they are the best AC/DC clone this side of Dirty Looks – which is hardly surprising since former Dirty Looks guitarist Paul Lidel continues to unleashed his three-chord boogie here. Ex-Dangerous Toys front-man Jason McMaster continues to employ his screeching, guttural growl with this band – rarely does his delivery disappoint.” Sleaze Roxx also opined that: “These songs are pretty close to the originals, which makes sense seeing as the original production was as raw as the music. It isn’t new and it isn’t innovative – but it kicks ass, and that is all that concerns me. If this music doesn’t get you head-banging you may as well put your neck in a brace and curl up and die.”

In regard to Broken Teeth‘s 2008 release Electric, Sleaze Roxx stated: “If you’ve loved Broken Teeth‘s earlier work then Electric will be a must have for you, as “Roll Over”, “Electric”, “Blood On The Radio” and “Hell For Sale” are pure adrenaline and attitude driven rock songs. Jason McMaster and company have delivered another killer disc, even if I don’t fully understand the reasoning behind it.”

Finally, Sleaze Roxx commented as follows with respect to the band’s 2010 album Viva La Rock, Fantastico!: “A new recording from Jason McMaster is almost always cause for celebration.” Sleaze Roxx also stated: “Hit random on the CD player, close your eyes, and a gem is going to start up. From beginning to end Viva La Rock, Fantastico! hits hard, mixing the snotty-nosed attitude of Dangerous Toys‘ underrated Pissed with a furious rendition of AC/DC‘s three chord boogie. It makes for a great combination on every song, but especially “Blackheart”, “Exploder”, “Bullet”, “Ride Upon Glory” and the title-track. The CD creates an image of ‘Pastor’ McMaster standing behind his podium, with lightning and crimson skies in the background, while his loyal subjects bang their heads in agreement and endlessly scream for more.”