Bruce Kulick recalls that it was very hard for Eric Carr to get his song ideas included on KISS albums

Bruce Kulick recalls that it was very hard for Eric Carr to get his song ideas included on KISS albums

Former KISS and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist Bruce Kulick was recently interviewed by Andrew Daly for Goldmine. Kulick was promoting Record Store Day‘s upcoming vinyl re-issue of deceased KISS drummer Eric Carr‘s Rockology album which was first released on CD in 1999 and later on vinyl. Record Store Day‘s 2023 edition will take place on April 22nd.

Daly noted that Carr didn’t handle lead vocals very often in KISS and wondered whether that bothered the drummer to which Kulick replied (with slight edits):

Eric knew that being in KISS, similar to the way George Harrison felt in The Beatles, there are two dominant talents: Paul [Stanley] and Gene [Simmons], much like Paul [McCartney] and John [Lennon] from The Beatles. Eric had a lot of great song ideas, but it was very hard to have them included on KISS LPs. We were very close, and it was so easy to join him creatively, with me being a co-writer for many of the ideas. I always had a four or 12-track machine to help capture the music. Having Adam Mitchell, who knew KISS very well with his hit co-writing, joining us was smart as well. Eric was disappointed about KISS not using songs of his, but he did understand the bigger picture.”

Kulick was instrumental with respect to the release of Rockology back in 1999. In terms of what went into the project and why it was important to him, Kulick indicated: “Eric was so loved by his fans. When I realized what I had on digital tapes from these songwriting sessions and recordings, it was obvious the world should hear it. Eric‘s family was very excited! A friend of mine, Jeff Pilson — the bassist for Dokken, Foreigner, etc. — actually still had a functioning 12-track Akai tape machine, the same one Eric and I mostly used. I brought all the tapes to Jeff, and we did whatever we could to make the songs sound great. I even added lead guitar on at least one of the songs. The latest release has more unreleased versions of previously heard songs. That’s also exciting to me about this newest version of Rockology.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Bruce Kulick via Goldmine‘s website.