Bruce Kulick Working On Solo Album


October 22, 2008

Former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick has updated his website with the following blog:

Very proud to let you all know that Nick, Gene Simmons’ talented son, wrote some killer lyrics for a track that needed something special. Last night he sang in a studio in Burbank Ca, as he is on a short fall break from college. Jeremy and I were thrilled with his tone and passion, and wait till you all hear his unique voice. Will you be surprised he is Gene’s son? Not really, you can hear some of the Demon’s dark undertones in his voice. But his take on singing comes from a much bluesier place than you could guess from a 19 year old. Nick loves some serious blues singers like Skip James and artists that came from the deep south.

This makes his approach very unique, and as he keeps developing his musicianship, I feel he his potential is huge. He has teased Jeremy and I with some of the songs he is working on, and they are excellent and sound like no one I have heard. Having his style on a song that could best be described as being a slinky hard rock track that could of been on some of my later KISS discs, or one of the two UNION CD’s, made a good track come alive. So the big question of could Nick deliver, has been answered in spades. I can’t wait for you all to hear the results.

I will be recording my solos for this song very soon. “Hand of the King” is the title, based on some imagery that Nick has had in his head for quite a while he explained to me last night. Keep watching for more BK 3 posts soon! And of course, a special thanks to Nick Simmons and his friend Justin (who plays in Nick’s band), for a productive evening of making great music.

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