Bruno Ravel does not like term “hair metal” but grateful that anybody gives a shit about music

Bruno Ravel does not like term “hair metal” but grateful that anybody gives a shit about music

Danger Danger and The Defiants bassist Bruno Ravel was recently interviewed by Tom Leu for Sounds Matter Radio. The Defiants recently released their sophomore album Zokusho via Frontiers Music Srl.

With respect to what he thinks of the term “hair metal”, Ravel indicated: “I don’t really like the term, but it is what it is. I’m just grateful that anybody gives a shit about this music. I’m just grateful that there’s still people that come to the shows and are even interested in the genre itself. So, would I rather it be called hard rock? Of course I would. Or 80’s rock/90’s rock? I would prefer that. Hair metal… when hear that, I think of Bon Jovi, New Jersey or something like that… But we were all clumped in that scene so, I’d rather they be calling some genre than no genre.”

On the significance of the band name The Defiants, Ravel advised: Honestly, when you’re in your late 40’s / early 50’s and you’re putting together a project, it’s really hard to come up with a name that doesn’t sound too corny or too contrived. We’re not that deep as far as our message, you know?”

In terms of the resurgence of vinyl, Ravel stated: “I think that a lot of the record industry’s hype on old school, analog technology is bunch of fluff most of the time.It’s just a nostalgia thing. I don’t know if I believe that records were made better back in the day. You can use any DAW, any software and get the same result. I think vinyl is more the ritual of taking out that platter and putting the needle on it and telling yourself it sounds so amazing…! If you played a CD or an mp3 through the same speakers and you blindfolded all those people, I guarantee most of them would not be able to tell the difference. It’s just something to talk about. I don’t think any of it really matters.”

You can listen to the interview with Bruno Ravel at Sounds Matter‘s website.