Buckcherry Guitarist Updates Fans On New CD


May 8, 2008

Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson has posted a new studio blog.

“Today is the day. We started writing and rehearsing for these recordingsessions a few months back and now the time has come to put this baby onwax! We have so many songs now, the biggest challenge is what NOT toinclude on the record. A quality problem. True to form we work quick,afterall we did “15” in fifteen days. We’re shooting for the same vibe withthis one, but maybe adding an extra week. Will we call it “21”? Ummm… No.But, part of what made that record so much fun is we just captured the rawessence of the band without over-thinking the recording process, and that’sexactly how we’re making this one.

Stay tuned for more updates as I’ll be taking the time to let you knowwhat’s going on here and how everything is progressing a little morefrequently than before. We can’t wait for everyone to hear this new music.Keep the faith and stay tuned!”


Courtesy of www.buckcherry.com