Buckcherry Split


It looks like it is all over for Buckcherry. Lead singer Joshua Todd has left the band.

Michelle Page from buckcherry.net broke the news to fans. She tells Undercover News “Josh unexpectedly quit the band which of course led to the demise. Keith (Nelson) does not want to continue on without him”. Josh and Keith founded Buckcherry in 1995.

The band’s manager Rick confirmed the departure of Josh at buckcherry.net but falls short of calling it a breakup. Rick says “Josh has recently decided to quit Buckcherry and pursue a different musical path. He was no longer having fun being in Buckcherry and the process of making the new record had become quite disappointing to him. He thought it best to move on at this time. He appreciates all the support from all the BC fans and hopes to have some new music for all of you soon. At this time, Keith is unsure as to what his future plans are”.

Buckcherry released their debut self titled album on Dreamworks in 1999 and their second album Time Bomb came out last year.

Paul Cashmere courtesy of Undercover