BulletBoys announce new drummer Joaquin Revuelta

BulletBoys announce new drummer Joaquin Revuelta

One day after announcing that the band members had voted unanimously to replace drummer Shawn Duncan, the BulletBoys have announced that their new drummer will be Joaquin Revuelta.

joaquin-revuelta-photoThe BulletBoyspress release today states in part:

Los Angeles, November 8, 2016 – BulletBoys announce new drummer, Joaquin Revuelta. Members thought long and hard how to proceed with the future that was the best interest for the band. It was not an easy decision but it’s members unanimously decided to proceed with new drummer and child prodigy Joaquin Revuelta.

Shawn Duncan is a talented drummer and this change will allow him time to focus on his other projects. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.” Says Marq Torien

BulletBoys are very excited to announce the addition of drummer Joaquin Revuelta

Joaquin is no new comer to the rock scene. Aside from playing with various artists, some will remember him most recently with Stephen Pearcy‘s solo project. He has recorded and performed with other countless bands and artists ranging from Papa Roach to Richard Marx and everything in between. Joaquin was born and raised in Montebello, CA has always been connected to BulletBoys through 6 degrees of separation as he has been friends with Jimmy D’Anda (original BulletBoys drummer) since they were teenagers. Ironically, Joaquin gave Jimmy D’Anda a ride and witnessed Jimmy‘s BulletBoys audition back in 1987.

bulletboys-photo-2“I was excited to fill in for Shawn Duncan during the Long Hot Summer Tour and honoured when offered a permanent position with BulletBoys and legendary Marq Torien/BulletBoys! I feel at home and I am flattered that Marq asked me to continue on with BulletBoys. I am totally familiar with the old school music and really looking forward to playing new music with him, Nick and Chad. Marq is an incredible song writer and  am eager to record a challenging, original record filled with hits.” – says Joaquin Revuelta

“Being able to have Joaquin and a guy that grew up in my neighborhood play and record with BulletBoys is very much well deserved. During my career, I have not met a more loving and giving soul personally as well as musically in a very very long time. This past summer, w were blessed to have Joaquin come in and agree in a blink of an eye to do our Long Hot Summer Tour. Not only did he fill in, but won the hearts over of many of our fans. he played with vigour, tenacity and groovability that made us all collectively feel that he was a true team player no matter what cards were dealt us.” – says Marq Torien

Back on October 7th, Revuelta posted the following message on his Facebook page:

bulletboys-photoBULLET BOYS 2016 USA/CANADA Summer Tour is over.

Thank you, Chad, Nick and especially you Marq for hiring me as well as even considering that I could in someway ever fill the shoes of someone as talented as Jimmy D’Anda. That’s not an easy thing to do so cheers to you jimmy, my dear friend.

**This was all a last minute thing with me and the band. I only had 1 long ass rehearsal with them as a matter of fact I was still learning some of the songs even up until yesterday as tge tour was ending. I just hope I didnt butcher any of them too badly as we went along.

Thanks to everyone who came to the shows and to all of you on Facebook for putting up with my silly posts, “SEE”..!

I’m on my way home now from Maryland and when I get there Im putting my tired head down for a while..

Peace! Joaq