BulletBoys frontman Marq Torien looks at 2011 reunion with disdain and sadness

BulletBoys frontman Mark Torien looks at 2011 reunion with disdain and sadness

BulletBoys‘ long-time frontman Mark Torien was recently interviewed by the White Line Fever Podcast and spoke about the short lived reunion that he had with the other classic BulletBoys line-up band members, Mick Sweda (guitarist), Lonnie Vencent (bassist) and Jimmy D’Anda (drummer) back at the Key Club in Hollywood, USA back on December 30, 2011. Sweda, Vencent and D’Anda have gone on to form the band Lies, Deceit and Treachery where they continue to play some of the BulletBoys‘ better known tracks.

In terms of the reunion show, Torien stated as follows to the White Line Fever Podcast (as transcribed by the White Line Fever Podcast):

“I look back on it with disdain and sadness.”

“It was supposed to be something that was a magical night for all for of us but, you know, I don’t like to say bad things about musicians or people that I’ve worked with.”

“I can just say that it wasn’t supposed to be the way it was and I think I would have been much more ecstatic about it if the members of the band didn’t do certain things that they did.”

“I didn’t think they were very humble or ingratiated that we were able to play together, that there were people there, that there were fans that were there, that had been waiting for a long time, that were very emotional, and I really don’t think it was looked at as something that was really, really special by the other gentlemen in the band.”

“You know, the other gentlemen in the band left the band, left the music and didn’t really believe in the band back in the early nineties. There was always that.”

“I’m not a big person that reveres quitters. I’m not a quitter. I try to see things through all the way, to try to carry on no matter what happens. When people quit, to me, it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.”

“So when those guys quit on their fans and quit on the band … (it) was something that I thought was very, very special and very loving but it was not looked at that way by the guys in the band.”

“There you have it. From there on in, I just kept on moving forward and trying to do the best I can with the musical ability that I have and trying to put out music for people that is at another level.”

You can listen to the interview with Marq Torien at the White line Fever Podcast.

Back in mid-January 2012, Sleaze Roxx reported squabbles between Torien and the other classic BulletBoys line-up band members after their reunion show on December 30, 2011.

D’Anda stated: “Unfortunately the singer Marq (Torien) wants to continue to tour and record without the original members of the band so that he can maintain 100% control of the name BulletBoys… It’s a bummer for those of us fans who will not get to see this line up again.”

Mark’s contract states that the guys (guitarist Mick Sweda and bassist Lonnie Vencent) and I are on a trial basis for a year, and if he thinks we’re deserving in that year then we can ‘buy’ a portion of the name BulletBoys… and if we’re not, then he’ll go back to hiring scab players,” continues D’Anda. “That’s unacceptable. Either we do this… or we don’t. Either we’re a band… or we’re not. Mick and I came in with a positive attitude and put the past aside so that we could see our fans happy with ‘BulletBoys’ once again and have a future. The contract needs to read equal shares for all across the board period! Show the fans you love them by agreeing to this here on my (Facebook) page, with a simple ‘Agreed’ and let’s get to work!”

Torien viewed things differently as he responded: “I would like to start by saying that I had a blast playing with the original guys at the Key Club in Hollywood… Even though we agreed to do a one-night only reunion show for all of our fans, we were open to getting back together. As a result, I wrote a heartfelt and loving letter to the guys in an effort to move forward with the original members. Contrary to what Jimmy posted on his Facebook page, I want to play with the original members and that I am MORE than willing to share everything equally.”

“Regarding the name BulletBoys, the original members sold out the group and the name 18 years ago. Despite their sellout, my fair and equal offer remains on the table. I will always love Mick, Jimmy and Lonnie with all my heart. By God’s good graces, I hope to work this out where everybody can be happy. I want to thank BulletBoys fans all over the world for always being so supportive. I love you.”