Burning Rain featuring guitarist Doug Aldrich to release new album ‘Face The Music’ on March 25th

Burning Rain featuring guitarist Doug Aldrich to release new album ‘Face The Music’ on March 25th

Great news for Burning Rain fans as guitarist Doug Aldrich along with his bandmates Keith St. John (lead vocals), Brad Lang (bass) and Blas Eias (drums) will be releasing a new studio album titled Face The Music on March 25, 2018.

In a recent interview with Rock Radio NI, Aldrich advised: “Yeah, March 25th is the release date. I wanted to work it so that it wasn’t going to interfere with The Dead Daisies at all. Because last time, like you said, when we released the last record it was in the middle of a Whitesnake album process. And as with The Dead Daisies, if I’m working on an album process, it’s kinda hard to promote the record properly. So I wanted to time it so that I could do some things with Burning Rain to promote the album. It’s gonna be great. Those guys played great on it and Keith St John sounds amazing. The last two records we mixed ourselves and did everything ourselves, but this time we’ve got Alessandro Del Vecchio who I’ve worked with on Revolution Saints and he is mixing it and mastering it. And it’s nice to be able to pass off to someone with good ears who can hit it fresh.”

In terms of a single from the upcoming album, Aldrich indicated: “There will be, but I don’t know when. It’ll probably be later in the Fall. The record is called “Face The Music”.”

With respect to Burning Rain doing any touring, Aldrich opined: “I would love to do that. I’m actually looking at doing some guitar clinics and bringing Keith with me. I would do a little bit of a guitar, meet and greet, clinic situation and then Keith would join me for acoustic promotion for that record. That’d be in the Spring before The Dead Daisies ramps up. The Dead Daisies has a plan that starts in May I believe, so we’ll probably just do some promotion first and then The Daisies have a break I can book some Burning Rain shows. But I definitely want to bring the guys over. It’s a great group of guys and the new songs are going to be really fun to play live.”

Back in late 2017, Aldrich had indicated that he was planning on releasing a new Burning Rain album in 2018 given that The Dead Daisies were on hiatus. The Dead Daisies ended up releasing the new studio album Burn It Down on April 6, 2018 and the band has been touring in support of that album ever since.

You can read the rest of the interview with Doug Aldrich at Rock Radio NI.