Burning Witches drop video for new track “Unleash The Beast”

Burning Witches drop video for new track “Unleash The Beast”

Swiss all-female rockers Burning Witches consisting of lead vocalist Laura Guldemond, guitarist Romana Kalkuhl, fill in guitarist Courtney Cox, bassist Jeanine Grob and drummer Lala Frischknecht have unveiled a video for their new single “Unleash The Beast” from their upcoming new studio album The Dark Tower, which will be available via Napalm Records on May 5, 2023.

Track List for The Dark Tower:
01. Rise of Darkness
02. Unleash The Beast
03. Renegade
04. Evil Witch
05. World On Fire
06. Tomorrow
07. House of Blood
08. The Dark Tower
09. Heart of Ice
10. Arrow of Time
11. Doomed To Die
12. Into The Unknown
13. The Lost Souls
Bonus Tracks:
14. Shot In The Dark
15. I Wanna Be Somebody

Napalm Records‘ website indicates (with slight edits):

“When Burning Witches come together, the world is ablaze! With just a sip of their bewitched brew of heavy metal, the quintet whisks the listener back to the heyday of the hottest and cruelest era in rock history. Inspired by the trademarks of classic 80s heavy metal – like skyscraper guitar solos, bludgeoning, raspy vocals and screams, and fast paced drums – Burning Witches unleash a searing attack once more with their fifth studio album and Napalm Records debut, The Dark Tower, out May 5, 2023. Fasten your broom’s seatbelt for this wild and fiery ride!

On fifteen energetic tracks, Burning Witches ring the bells for a midnight mass in smoky-warm bars. Opening with “Unleash The Beast”, roaring, dueling guitars battle each other with top-notch, fast-paced performances while the energy of the song rises to its climax when the sharp voice of singer Laura Guldemond combines with powerful harmonies. “World On Fire” first gets the listener’s pulse pumping due to the rising tension of flashy guitar work, before melodic six-string solos unite with unbeatable guitar onslaughts and sophisticated drum attacks – underlining conjuring vocal lines that call out for an evening zombie dance! Restless and intense, the fierce women of Burning Witches shred their instruments on The Dark Tower like no other, but with the soft mid-tempo track “Tomorrow”, the witches settle down to gather their strength for just a moment. Bittersweet melodies float up to the sky like weightless feathers, carrying a message of five confident women. Ready again to gradually increase the tempo, “Heart Of Ice” and “Arrow Of Time” ensnare with extravagant guitar tapping and heroic vocals by Laura, while “The Lost Souls” merges devilish staccato and legato riffs, creating an ominous atmosphere amid the bewitching screams of the five Swiss enchantresses. With their new studio album, Burning Witches not only bring back the glory days of heavy metal, but push it beyond – trapping the soul of each listener with energetic performances on The Dark Tower.”

Burning Witches‘ “Unleash The Beast” video: