C.C. Diemond’s proposed more modern and heavy tunes didn’t make the cut for new Diemonds’ album

C.C. Diemond’s proposed more modern and heavy tunes didn’t make the cut for new Diemonds album

Diemonds‘ frontwoman Priya Panda continues to open up in interviews coinciding with the release of the sleaze rockers’ latest self-titled studio album.

Daniel Dekay, Priya Panda and C.C. Diemond (from left to right)

Panda called the interview that she recently did with Rock Confidential as her favorite interview that she has ever done while stating: “Jesse at Rock Confidential just gets IT and I was able to open up about my love life, road life, and doing Diemonds for 12 years straight. Lineup changes, heartbreak, the passing of my three closest friends. It’s crazy, honestly that we’re still standing. I’ve never been so forthright and since the new record lays it all on the line, I tried something different with this chat and bared it all. Unmasked.”

The new Diemonds album sees the group heading into new musical ground once again after the more modern sounding Never Wanna Die released back in 2015. The new record is notable for the absence of guitarist Daniel Dekay who did not play on the album as Panda revealed to Sleaze Roxx in an interview in early August 2018. To seemingly complicate what’s going on within the Diemonds camp, the group recently released a video for the track “Our Song” which only features Panda (on lead vocals and bass), Dekay (on guitar) and Kyle Lecourt (on drums). Notably absent in the video were bassist Tyrone Buccione and in particular guitarist C.C. Diemond who has been in the band since in or about 2006.

Speaking to Rock Confidential, Panda seemed to shed a little bit more light on what was going on within the band as she stated: “A lot of the songs that made it onto the album were written just a few weeks before it was set to be recorded. C.C. (Diemond) had brought a lot of songs to the table over the last few years. I think we were just all on different pages musically. C.C. was listening to a lot of new music and a lot of modern bands that honestly weren’t on my radar. (Daniel) Dekay, our other guitar player – the three of us are like the core and the longest standing members of the band. We just weren’t seeing eye to eye on a lot of the tunes C.C. was bringing to the table. That’s tough for him because he is the band’s primary songwriter. He brings in a lot of riffs and he and I work on the melodies and lyrics. He was working on those with a producer in Toronto that we work with a lot. His name is Dajaun Martineau. He is a really talented, young producer that’s really hungry. He and C.C. were listening to a lot of new music together and coming up with these ideas that sounded really modern and were really heavy in a way that I don’t gel with. Dekay felt the same way. We did a lot of demoing and a lot of vocals. We would re-write entire melodies and entire lyrics and try again. Those songs didn’t make the cut in the end.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Panda at Rock Confidential.

Diemonds‘ “Our Song” video:


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