Canadian rockers Open Air announce that they have reached the end

Canadian rockers Open Air announce that they have reached the end

It is a sad day for Canadian rock n’ roll as Western Canadian rockers Open Air have decided to call it a day. The group released a number of records consisting of the EP All My Queens (2011), the EP Extended Play (2013) and the full-length album Lessons From The Crow (2015).

The following message was posted on Open Air‘s Facebook page earlier today:

Open Air is sad to announce that we have finally reached the end. Josh will be moving to Saskatoon to dive into the next chapter of his life. With the opening of that chapter, we will be closing the chapter of Open Air. This is a sad day for all of us in the band, but priorities shift and I am excited for one of my greatest friends to move on and see what life beyond Open Air has to offer him.

The last few years have been a rocky road for us and we really wished, with the current line up of Jake, Taylor, Josh and myself, we could have made a push to go out swinging. 2020 had other plans and the opportunities were not there. This is a reality for many bands, and I hope all of you persevere and weather the storm because it will always be worth it.

We want to thank all of you for supporting us and showing us love and kindness and taking an interest in our dream project. I speak for all of us when I say that these times will have a permanent spot amongst the best memories of our lives.

We also want to thank all the local bands that we shared the stage with. We have made many amazing friendships through music and we hope to stay in touch and continue to share experiences going forward.

I could go on and on for days about the memories, the laughs, the stories, the good times and the sad times, but I’ll end it with this. Open Air was a brotherhood. We prided ourselves on our bond as a band and our strong connection with each other. Band members happiness and needs always came first.

Keep an eye out for any future endeavours from us, as the remainder of Open Air will likely continue to perform as a group under a different name. For now, thank you all for the ride but that’s the end of the show.”

Open Air‘s “Snake Charmer” video: