Canadian rockers The Road Heavy release video for “Words Don’t Mean A Thing”

Canadian rockers The Road Heavy release video for “Words Don’t Mean A Thing”

A few months ago, Canadian hard rockers The Road Heavy released a video for their song “Words Don’t Mean A Thing” which is the second single unleashed after their debut EP Devil’s Grin released in 2014.

The Road Heavy logoThe Road Heavy‘s bio on their website states (with slight edits):

“In early February 2014, Ryan Blake was playing guitar in a studio session and during one of the breaks the studio engineer began playing music from some past projects. It was during this time that Blake heard the vocals of Pat James for the first time and immediately contacted him to get together.

“I had known of Ryan Blake through the music scene, but Blake never knew that I was a musician as well. We talked about the band and what we were both looking to create and accomplish. Our goals and mind set completely matched up and we got started.” – Pat James

The two began writing songs which would later become the Devil’s Grin EP. While recording Devil’s Grin, James and Blake were discussing the possible need for a female backing vocal on a couple of tracks and both simultaneously thought of mutual friend Jules Cardoso.

“We brought her in for a couple songs, but she sounded so good singing with James that it was the obvious choice to have her on all of the tracks” – Ryan Blake

The Road Heavy quickly formed adding drummer Jeff Cox and Bassist Andre D’silva (BIG D) to the mix just before leaving on their first Canadian East Coast Tour with Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses).

The story is short and sweet.

Two things that The Road Heavy will never be synonymous with, ever!”

The Road Heavy‘s “Words Don’t Mean A Thing” video:

Words Don’t Mean A Thing (Official Music VIdeo)

WORDS DON”T MEAN A THING by The Road Heavy (Official Music Video) This is the bands second single release as a follow up to their 2014 Ep Devil’s Grin and they’re very excited to share it with you.

The Road Heavy‘s “Your Place Or Mine” video:

Your Place Or Mine – Music Video

Promo video for our brand new single Your Place Or Mine SUPPORT US HERE: TRH – Video Credit –