Cannonball drop video for new track “Empire Rock Anthem”

Cannonball drop video for new track “Empire Rock Anthem”

French rockers Cannonball have unveiled a video for their new single “Empire Rock Anthem.”

Sodeh Records‘ press release indicates:

““Empire Rock Anthem” is the first single from CANNONBALL. Its steamroller riff won’t leave you any rest. The story takes place at the end of an era. Today’s emperors stand proud and sure of themselves. They live in the parallel world they created, unaware of the chaos growing around us. Poverty, pollution and depression is at their gates, but they keep on living their lives of pleasures and luxury, regardless of the suffering they breed amidst wildlife and mankind.

Blinded by their egos, the emperors forgot the histories of past empires – the Roman Empire, the Maya Empire, Napoleon’s Empire… – and thus, think their reign is everlasting. Nature is about to bring them back to reason, but until it does, they’re convinced their knowledge and technology got them beyond the realm of the other living beings. They think the rules of nature no longer apply to them. This huge mistake, due to their immense pride, explains the unprecedented level of destruction that their reign causes.

Their way of life is an awful example followed by upper and middle classes all over the world. Even popular classes tend toward this standard of living, disrespectful of natural balances. Awareness of the ongoing catastrophe is growing slowly among the populations. Drugs of oblivion – games, narcotics, alcohol, social networks, fictions… – flow in the veins and nerves of so many, that only the final collapse might wake them up.

“Empire Rock Anthem” is a requiem for our civilization and a strong call for the next one.” – Explains frontman Ian

Cannonball‘s “Empire Rock Anthem” video: