Carl Dixon Has “Long Road Ahead Of Him” After Car Crash


April 21, 2008

Carl Dixon’s website has been updated by his wife Betty, in regards to Carl’s condition after his car accident. The Coney Hatch member has been in critical condition since a head-on collision in Australia on April 14th.

Thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts. The out pouring of love and support fills my heart with joy. I will read every note to Carl during his recovery. Carl is the love of my life. He is not like anyone I’ve ever known. He is a wonderful husband, father, son and friend. He has brought joy through his music and through the example he sets as a good man. As I read the notes and messages, I realize that he has touched the lives of many and that others see what I know about Carl.

Carl has a very long road ahead of him but he is strong and he is a fighter. He has the love of his two girls, his wife, a wonderful family and the greatest friends and fans that any man could ask for.

Keep your positive thoughts flowing; keep sending your messages. If you haven’t hugged and told someone you love that you do – then please do so. Life is precious.


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