Carl Dixon recalls how Krokus treated Coney Hatch like they didn’t exist during tour in 1985

Carl Dixon recalls how Krokus treated Coney Hatch like they didn’t exist during tour in 1985

Coney Hatch frontman Carl Dixon was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon for Canada’s The Metal Voice in advance of the group’s upcoming opening slot for Steve HarrisBritish Lion during five Canadian tour dates.

Dixon was asked about Coney Hatch‘s tour with Accept and Krokus back in 1985. He recalled (as transcribed by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “Accept were sort of odd guys. Udo was a neat  guy and he loved camouflage stuff and Coney Hatch bassist Andy Curran got him a camouflage ball point pen for autographs and Udo loved Coney Hatch after that. The band [members] were really good guys we really didn’t get to know them too well, they sure were heavy and they sure were tight. They were like the Scorpions but without the major hits. Krokus on the other hand treated us like we didn’t exist and we were an annoyance in their universe they weren’t very friendly. Good thing they weren’t the headliners. The thing with Krokus I remember looking at their set list and it was about 50% cover songs. They decided to record covers to get hits and that bugged me. It was very disappointing to met them and see how they acted, today I feel like it just wasn’t just our band that  felt that way.”

In terms of Coney Hatch‘s relationship with Iron Maiden with whom they toured with back in 1983, Dixon advised: “We have stayed in touch with Steve Harris all these years. Andy Curran is close friends with Steve all through the years. They have become tennis buddies when Steve came to town. I know Andy has visited Steve in England a couple of times. Andy kept the closest relationship. Iron Maiden was on their last tour. Andy went out to visit and Steve said ‘I would really love to bring my British Lion band to Canada for a tour because we have never been. How can we pull it off?’ Steve said, ‘What if we do some shows with Coney Hatch and do a double bill?’ So that is how it really began. Took about a year and a half for it to fall in place. We are sharing the crews. We are sharing the travel. We will be riding VIA rail train cars together between the towns. It’s going to be fun. Steve Harris is a great great guy. He is just as nice as you think he would be from the public appearances.”

You can listen to the interview with Carl Dixon with The Metal Voice below:

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