Carlos Cavazo states Ratt members wanted him to stay in the band after firing Warren DeMartini

Carlos Cavazo states Ratt members wanted him to stay in the band after firing Warren DeMartini

Rough Riot and former Quiet Riot and Ratt guitarist Carlos Cavazo was recently interviewed by My Global Mind and spoke about his departure from Ratt led by singer Stephen Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier.

In terms of his decision to leave Ratt after guitarist Warren DeMartini left, Cavazo advised: “Warren didn’t leave; he was actually fired from the band. They wanted me to stay, and I really didn’t want to do it without him. He was the reason I was initially in the band. Without the original members up there it seemed like it was falling apart as they have problems. I figured maybe it’s best that I go my own way. I really couldn’t see myself up there with another guitarplayer. It didn’t seem right.”

My Global Mind mentioned that Cavazo fit very well with DeMartini in Ratt to which Cavazo opined: “Thanks, that’s what everyone thought, and I felt that I fit in really well. I have known the guys a long time, and no matter what happens they will always still be my friends. I know we are going through some rough times now, but they will always be my bros. Hopefully, we will get together someday and play again.”

With respect to whether the door is open for him and DeMartini to play in Ratt again, Cavazo commented: “I would hope so, never-say-never. I would play with them again if Warren were back.”

Back in July 2018, Pearcy indicated that DeMartini was not fired from the band but rather simply didn’t want to go out play shows.

You can read the rest of the interview with Carlos Cavazo at My Global Mind.