Carousel album ‘Round & Round’ available via FnA Records

Carousel album ‘Round And Round’ available via FnA Records

FnA Records has released an album titled Round & Round on behalf of early ’90s melodic rock band Carousel. You can purchase the album Round & Round directly from FnA Records.

Track List for Round & Round:
01. Sweet Surrender
02. 19&Nervous
03. Remember
04. The Feeling Is Right
05. Kickin’ & Screamin’
06. Tell Me Why
07. Hold Back
08. Waiting
09. Heaven Was Callin’
10. Time Stops

FnA Records‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

Carousel (originally known as Sky High) formed in the fall of 1989 when guitarist Matt Clark placed an ad in the Austin Chronicle seeking musicians to form a hard rock project. Fellow musician guitarist Louie Beltran was the first to join and the two bonded over their love for White Lion and Dokken. The band was quickly rounded out adding Steve Miller on drums, and Robert Ferebee on bass and lead vocals. They named the band Sky High and started writing songs and performing out live at clubs all across Texas.

Carousel quickly entered Austin Recording Studios (A.R.S.) and recoded their first 3 song demo. The Demo was so good that Metal Edge Magazine put the band in their magazine in the “Rock On The Rise” section; a very coveted placement. The band started playing festivals like the New South Music Festival in Atlanta and SXSW (1991). While at SXSW, unbeknownst to the band, there was another band from Sweden called Sky High. A few days later, and after the threat of legal action, the band changed their name to Carousel.

Carousel would then come a five piece with the addition of lead singer Don Howell. Once again, the band entered A.R.S. to record a four song demo again getting a shout out from Metal Edge Magazine, and many regional Rags around the U.S.. The band would soon see more band members change as Loie and Don exited the band. Enter guitarist Jay Haygood as the band headed out on tour with the newly signed Cherry Street (1993). Carousel would go on to open for acts like Trixter, Bang Tango, Cry Wolf, Saigon Kick, and Pat Travers amongst others.

FnA Records is excited to release this gem of an album. Ten solid and sturdy tracks where every track is just as good as the next. Many who listened to the FnA Records teaser tracks were captivated by the first 18 seconds of the opening track. The teaser was well accepted with many in the Facebook community saying that Round & Roundis an album they will definitely pick up!!

Round & Round is a 10 track, silver pressed CD, and is available as a CD, Fan-Pack CD, and digital download.

The Fan Pack is autographed by all five band members.”

Carousel‘s “Sweet Surrender” video: