Catalano and ex-De La Cruz frontman Roxxi Catalano offers advice to aspiring rock bands

Catalano and ex-De La Cruz frontman Roxxi Catalano offers advice to aspiring rock bands

Australia based singer Roxxi Catalano has been a part of two very good albums in the last five years — De La Cruz‘s Street Level (2013) and Catalano‘s Dark Skies (2016) — and recently shared some advice for aspiring rock bands.

The following message was posted on Roxx Catalano‘s Facebook page earlier today:

Roxxi‘s 13 points of advice to young aspiring rock bands!!:

1. Don’t be an egotistical fuckhead

2. Don’t be a little bitch

3. Be nice to people that are nice to you

4. Be nice to people who aren’t nice to you too, it pisses them off and that’s dope

5. Take time to talk to fans, to reply to emails, to have a beer with people who enjoy your music, they put $$ in your pocket.
I repeat, they put $$$$ in your pocket!
Act accordingly

6. Respect the sound guy, he is God.

7. Be courteous to other bands, introduce yourself, if they choose to be too cool, fuck ’em who cares, cut ’em off but don’t forget. They’re not important in the grand scheme of things

8. Acknowledge and thank people who promote you, you’re never above thanks and without promotion you’re fuck-all so be grateful, don’t kiss ass though to get promo, that’s fucked.

9. Don’t take yourself seriously, be able to take the piss out of yourself, don’t get offended if people hate your music, you can’t please everybody so please yourself first and if other people like it then it’s a bonus

10. You’re not entitled to a single fucking thing so don’t act like you are, you don’t deserve shit until you do deserve shit and that point might never be reached

11. Be humble, always, ALWAYS. Nobody likes a blow-arse, if your music is good people will tell you, but that’s up to them, respond graciously. If people don’t tell you your music’s good then it’s probably shit, learn how to un-shit it (If only friends and family say you’re music is good, it’s not good)

12. Thank everybody, the sound dude, the bar staff, the other bands, the crowd, you’d be surprised but people quite like a good cxnt, it goes a fucking long way. If people like YOU then they’ll support you even if your tunes aren’t their cup of tea, it goes the other way too you can be sure of that

13. Follow the last 12 points ye maggots”

De La Cruz‘s “Back To The 80s” video:

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Catalano‘s “Rxckin’ Barbie Doll” song:

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