Catalano singer Roxx Catalano shares hard times that led to debut record ‘Dark Skies’

Catalano singer Roxx Catalano shares hard times that led to debut record ‘Dark Skies’

Former De La Cruz and current Catalano frontman Roxx Catalano has shared some of the hard times that he went through which led to the creation and release of his band’s debut album Dark Skies back in 2016. Catalano recently released the new single “Wildfire.”

The following message was posted on Roxx Catalano‘s Facebook page less than an hour ago:

“Story time: ?

This whole Catalano band was unashamedly forged in misery, I had nothing in my life at the time, had sustained some gnarly emotional trauma, was in trouble for various things and as cliche as it might sound I was homeless and sleeping in my car literally under a bridge having socially ostracized myself and become entirely reclusive.

It was in this place that I decided to write some new music (at the time I didn’t even own a guitar), tunes which would eventually down the line come to fruition as the appropriately named Dark Skies album.

By design I don’t and haven’t ever really liked the music I create or had the ability to feel proud about my musical achievements.

I think often because I am socially confident people naturally misconstrue that as an ego (especially in the context that a lot of my music is often 80’s influenced and people have this conception that by association you must be one of those turds who read The Dirt and think they’re God) but the reality is far from the truth, which is not to say my confidence is a facade by any means, but that it certainly doesn’t extend or filter down to me genuinely enjoying my own musical creations very often, if indeed ever.

The Dark Skies album somehow went on to sell over 1000 physicals, while that’s not amazing I still have no idea how, I would’ve been over the moon if I had sold 5 to friends let alone sending them to Russia, Brazil, Japan etc to people I will never meet…

The song Fall Awake has got somewhere around 200,000 Spotify streams (ironically the final song I wrote for the album, hastily thrown together last minute because 10 songs looked more even than 9 songs.)

I am beyond blessed to have the boueyyys, the legends that are Nick Casalini, Matt Fawcett, Rory Joy and Nick Caligula with their fucking incredible and second to none musicianship, friendship, respect, laughter, energy and unwavering faith in my, more often than not, asymmetric ways of thinking.

They adopted this musical child as their own from day one and I applaud them for all that they are and do and continue to be. The best is yet to come my brothers!

So far our band has only played 3 shows:
– w/ Hardcore Superstar, Melbourne
– w/ Cruel Intentions, Stockholm, Sweden
– w/ Cruel Intentions, Gothenburg, Sweden

And I guess
When all is said and done..
I feel good about this…because this wasn’t meant to be anything more than an outlet for a tough time in my life, a concept with no goal and no defined edges.

I am proud of this.

Our next shows are:
– w/ Stryper, 17.8 Max Watts, Melbourne
– w/ Lagerstein + more, 15.9 Max Watts, Melbourne
– w/ Lagerstein + more, 21.9 Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
– w/ Lagerstein + more, 6.10, Brightside Carpark, Brisbane

Would love you to come to a gig, please introduce yourself, let’s have a beer!

We are also in demo’ing stages and will enter the studio for a new full length album of hard rock bangers that will be out before years end!!

Thank you to everybody that supports us without pretense, the DJ’s that tirelessly spin the tunes, the legends who through sheer belief promote selflessly on our behalf with no reward, the people that buy shit and represent us unconditionally, and to any of you that actually read this whole thing, you have our gratitude and we have huge things coming I can assure you!

Bless up and stay powerful! ?


Catalano‘s “Fall Awake” song:

– YouTube

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