Cats In Boots Guitarist Searching For Music Collaborators

Cats In Boots Guitarist Searching For Music Collaborators

February 12, 2011

Guitar legend Takashi O’hashi is always searching for new and exciting projects. The Cats In Boots guitarist is currently looking for talented musicians and vocalists to create a new collaboration project for 2011 and 2012 — much like his latest released album ‘Independent Souls Union’. If you are a serious musician/vocalist that respects the roots of rock ‘n’ roll, such as blues and country, and at the same time can dig the sound of today’s music and have inquisitiveness, this could be for you!

Takashi O’hashi is working on putting a band together and collaborating with solo artists that have a combination of the above roots and these inspirations to create a new alternative sound using the above influences. Please see the requirements below, and email your personal works or any questions to — selected artists will be contacted via email. However please include all contact information such as photo, address and phone number.

Takashi O’hashi project details:
1. Vocalist must sing in English and have lyrical writing skills
2. Self Knowledge of studio recording and sending files via the web for production
3. Collaboration Project will be used for recording, touring and possible movie soundtrack

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