Cats In Boots Singer Releases Long Awaited Merri Hoaxx Album

Cats In Boots Singer Releases Long Awaited Merri Hoaxx Album

July 1, 2012

Cats In Boots Singer Releases Long Awaited Merri Hoaxx Album25 years and finally the Merri Hoaxx CD is now available!

Cats In Boots vocalist Joel Ellis and Demon Doll Records are proud to present one of the greatest underground hair metal bands with their first CD release ever. The 9 song effort ‘Never Jokes’ was well worth the wait as the band absolutely slays the genre with big time hooks that will leave you speechless. The disc is currently available for purchase and preview at

Pulled straight from the Atlantic Records sessions from 1986, this is as genuine and rare as it gets. This band should have been huge and when you hear the first ‘should have been radio’ smash “The Last Days Of Autumn” — we think you will agree. There is no doubt in our minds that if this had somehow found its way to MTV, it would have been spinning right alongside Dokken, Ratt and the Crue.

Jam packed with scorching guitars from Denny Holan and the ferocious signature Joel Ellis vocals, screams and obstinate gyrations — the songs on the disc aim to please. One spin and you’ll be hooked. From the opener “Talkin To Myself” through the hits “Let It Go”, “Radio” and “Just For Ol’ Times Sake” to the amazing album closer “I’m Ready” — Merri Hoaxx simply deliver a masterpiece (which also includes the lyrics and a band biography written by Joel Ellis himself).

There was a little magic in the air in 1987 and somewhere between Bon Jovi and Whitesnake, Merri Hoaxx will finally find their deserving spot in history and we could not be more proud to present it to you.

This album is dedicated to the late great guitar hero Denny Holan, may you rest in peace and thank you for creating such amazing music for all of us to finally enjoy!

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