Cavendish Sniff release live EP ‘Between Lines’

Cavendish Sniff release live EP ‘Between Lines’

UK hard rockers Cavendish Sniff have released a four-song live EP Between Lines last month.

Track List for Between Lines:
01. Doing Time
02. Wasted ‘n’ Laid
03. Like A Drug
04. Suicide Ride

Cavendish Sniff‘s “Story” on their Facebook page states (with slight edits):

“We play rock n’ roll and we will entertain you. Sounding like the British equivalent of Faster Pussycat shacked up with the Backyard Babies sharing a line with Gn’R – This ain’t the time for a quiet drink! Hated by your neighbours but loved by your girlfriends, we are Cavendish Sniff! ‘It’s pure Sleazy Glittery Rock N’ Roll.'”

Cavendish Sniff‘s “Old Dog” (live) song:

Cavendish Sniff – Old Dog

Recorded Live @ Metway Studio Brighton.Mixed @ Metway Studio Brighton.