Chance Black To Release ‘Vermilion’ EP On December 4th

Chance Black To Release ‘Vermilion’ EP On December 4th

November 27, 2012

Chance Blak, a solo rock ‘n’ roll artist from Asbury Park, New Jersey, will release an EP called ‘Vermilion’ On December 4th through iTunes and Spotify.

The five song EP will include the tracks “The Veil”, “Love Demon”, “Oh, She Got A Man”, “Only Got A Kiss” and “Tumbler”. The EP can be previewed on Chnace’s official website at

After touring for years all across the globe with numerous bands, Chance Black decided to go out on his own and release a project on his terms. And his terms are simple: play unapologetic, honest rock ‘n’ roll in a musical landscape where critics say “rock n’ roll” is dead and factory-made, auto-tuned marionettes rule the world. The next generation is hungry for revitalizing rock and Chance Blak is here to help.

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