Chase The Ace Premiere “Rock Bottom Rocknroll” Video

Chase The Ace Premiere “Rock Bottom Rocknroll” Video

June 20, 2013

Israeli rockers Chase The Ace have released the third video from their debut album ‘Are You Ready?’, giving fans a taste of their live shows as they’re getting ready for their European tour. The video for “Rock Bottom Rocknroll” follows a rock chick’s day as she films herself from the minute she gets up naked in bed until she’s ready to party at the band’s gig in the evening.

‘Are You Ready?’ was released on April 22nd and can be purchased at, and if you buy now the band will give you a free download of their 2012 EP ‘Rock Bottom Rocknroll’.

Chase The Ace are a jaw droppin’, sleaze drippin’, hard rockin’ phenomenon that’s here to stay. Bringing you a slick modern twist on the guitar wailing, drum crushing bands of the ’80s, CHase The Ace’s approach of “running as fast as you can with your eyes closed” is proving itself. In their short existence, they’ve managed to conquer rock charts around the world, launch a well praised EP, sign with the UK based Z Records and release their debut album ‘Are You Ready?’, all while raising hell on stages in their home country of Israel, turning every gig to a rock ‘n’ roll party with chicks on stage and guitar solos on the bar.

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