Chickenfoot band members talking about getting into studio this year to record new album

Chickenfoot band members talking about getting into studio this year to record new album

Guitar wizard Joe Satriani was recently interviewed by Bad Feeling Magazine and spoke about his future plans including with the supergroup Chickenfoot consisting of Satriani on guitar, Sammy Hagar (Montrose, Van Halen, The Circle) on lead vocals, Michael Anthony (Van Halen, The Circle) on bass and Chad Smith (Red Hot Child Peppers) on drums.

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Satriani stated: “Well you know, oddly enough, Chickenfoot just did a little acoustic reunion at Sammy [Hagar’s] Acoustic-4-A-Cure benefit for the UCSF Children’s Hospital here in San Francisco. We were at the Fillmore, and we had Taj Mahal and Bob Weir and Kevin Cronin on-stage, it was just great. And we had such a good time that everybody’s talking about getting in the studio sometime this year to record another Chickenfoot album. So I’m excited about that. Being in Chickenfoot, for everybody in the band, has meant having this dual life, because everybody has a real job and then there’s Chickenfoot. [Laughs] But I’m used to it now, and I’ve had ten years to get used to thinking in two different worlds.”

In terms of Satriani‘s opinion on whether “rock is dead”, the guitarist opined: “I think it’s a combination of both, depending on the time of day [laughs] I suppose. I think there are things that are in motion today that are somehow opposed to each other. Like, yes, we are at the tail-end of the hip hop generation, and at some point people will start bemoaning the end of hip hop, maybe they already have, I don’t know. And they will with EDM. Every style has its day, and every time there’s a new generation they come along and by nature, they insist on their own groove, their own sound and their own style. That will never change, so I never try to fight that tide.

So yes, there is going to be, by very design, the natural decline of styles that have preceded the present day. However, what’s happening since I guess, the mid-90’s, or more tangible, at the turn of the century, is that the internet kind of democratized the spreading of music. When I put out my very first record, I couldn’t get to my fans [laughs]. I literally put out an EP and I drove the records around to record stores in my car, and gave them to stores and said, “They’re for free, just put it in the rack.” And the next record was licensed by Relativity out of New York, and that was even a harder sell because they had to convince rack jobbers around the US to stock it, and I had no radio-friendly music on there. So it never hit the radio.

The third record was Surfing with the Alien, and for some reason everybody liked that one, so that one I got lucky with. But today of course, you put out a record and it is available everywhere on the planet that has access to the internet, and there’s no real competition between Taylor Swift, Aerosmith, or one of my records. In other words, they’re just there. And it’s very different from Joe driving around in his ’64 Corvair with the records on the seat, trying to find a store that’ll take ’em. In that way, someone like me who plays kind of non-commercial music can have fans in India, in Canada, in Russia, in greater North and South America and everywhere, and we tour, our album cycles are two years because it takes that long to get everywhere and then come back home. That really couldn’t have happened unless there was the internet.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Joe Satriani at Bad Feeling Magazine.

Chickenfoot performing “Big Foot” live at The Fillmore in San Francisco, California, USA on May 15, 2018:

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