Chickenfoot Releases Video For The Song “Oh Yeah”


June 12, 2009

You may remember hearing Chickenfoot talk about this video in the “Oh Yeah” episode of the 12 Days of The Foot, and it is finally here! Check out Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Mike Anythony and Sammy Hagar in the first Chickenfoot Music Video which combines live performance, rehearsal footage, and a very special bbq solo section.

The video is available in the Chickenfoot Widget on the band’s news page as well as in the Podcast and on Youtube and Facebook.


Once again the band was stunned by fan response to the album onsale. It was the 4th biggest selling album in the U.S. and that is thanks to you!


Starting Friday and through the weekend, 40,000 tickets will be going on sale as part of the public onsales for August shows. If you missed any of the presales you should be able to pick some up.

Although we announced the presale in our last email blast and on the web site, we have heard a few people didn’t know about them– sorry if you didnt get it and please spread the news to anyone you think would be interested.

We have also heard from a small number of people have had some problems and wanted to give everyone more details to understand how the presales function and correct some incorrect information out there.

We only put a certain percentage of tickets up for presale to be fair to everyone who doesn’t have the extra money for packages or the fan club. We want to be fair to *everyone* to have a chance to get tickets.

Like most other acts this summer (U2, Nickelback, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, etc) we are providing VIP ticket packages. Our goal is to give fans who are interested the chance to get great seats and an enhanced concert experience. We want to offer many levels of concert experience– you can go to a public onsale, a fanclub presale, and if you are interested you can do a premium package. Some reports of pre-sale tickets being sold out are incorrect so always check the site to be sure. Should pre-sale tickets run out, there are still plenty that will be available during the public onsale.

You know that the band is working hard to give you guys a great experience. We know that you want to come out and be part of it. With that in mind, we ask you to be respectful in how you express any frustrations you have. Please read the FAQ and use the email support addresses. We are committed to helping you out.

We are also committed to getting you tour information as soon as it is available. As a general guideline, fan club presales will happen 48 hours before public onsales. Due to circumstances beyond our control, public onsales can change from time to time. Your best way to get the latest is to check regularly.

More dates for September are coming next week. We will post them as they are confirmed and like this week, will send another email before any presales occur.

Lastly, although most have received their Fan Club t-shirts, we are aware that some still haven’t. If you haven’t received your t-shirt we apologize. It was back-ordered and is being resolved and you will receive it shortly. If you have a specific question about your order please contact

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