Chip Z’Nuff, Brent Muscat And Bruce Kulick Offer Sex Tips

Chip Z’Nuff, Brent Muscat And Bruce Kulick Offer Sex Tips

July 20, 2010

Chip Z'Nuff, Brent Muscat And Bruce Kulick Offer Sex TipsSex Tips From Rock Stars is a new book from author Paul Miles. Released on July 7th in Europe, Sex Tips From Rock Stars will come out on October 1st in North America through Omnibus Press.

For decades, they have held the power to attract the world’s hottest supermodels, Playmates and Pets. They have smorgasbords of groupies awaiting them at every tour stop. They’ve seen sex in all its most bizarre forms, all around the world — and now they let you in on the sizzling action! Some of their ideas are practical and surprising, others are as naturally wild and crazy as their millions of fans would expect with contributions from Andrew W.K., Bruce Kulick of Kiss, Lemmy and many, many more.

Sex Tips from Rock Stars is the world’s first confessional book of rock stars sexual adventures featuring many of the world’s most celebrated rockers revealing their dos and don’ts on a long list of erotic subjects. Here are uncensored, bite-sized tips and hilarious pointers on every aspect of sex.

Titillating, weirdly informative, and thoroughly entertaining, Sex Tips from Rock Stars equips you with more wall-shaking, earth-quaking turn-on moves than you’ll ever need! Politically incorrect and absolutely riveting, this is the wildest sex manual ever!

The following rock stars had enough balls to be interviewed and go all the way in Sex Tips From Rock Stars:
Acey Slade – Murderdolls, Dope
Adde – Hardcore Superstar
Allison Robertson – The Donnas
Andrew W.K.
Blasko – Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie
Brent Muscat – Faster Pussycat
Bruce Kulick – Kiss
Chip Z’Nuff – Enuff Z’Nuff
Courtney Taylor-Taylor – The Dandy Warhols
Danko Jones
Doug Robb – Hoobastank
Evan Seinfeld – Biohazard
Ginger – The Wildhearts
Handsome Dick Manitoba – The Dictators, MC5
James Kottak – Scorpions, Kingdom Come
Jesse Hughes – Eagles of Death Metal
Jimmy Ashhurst – Buckcherry
Joel O’Keeffe – Airbourne
Lemmy – Motorhead
Nicke Borg – Backyard Babies
Rob Patterson – Korn, Otep
Toby Rand – Juke Kartel
Vazquez – Damone

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