Chip Z’Nuff has five albums coming out this year including new Enuff Z’Nuff album ‘Diamond Boy’

Chip Z’Nuff has five albums coming out this year including new Enuff Z’Nuff album ‘Diamond Boy’

Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Chip Z’Nuff was recently interviewed by Jay Oakley of Just A Rock N Roll Junkie and he spoke about his plans for the upcoming year.

In terms of Enuff Z’Nuff‘s next studio album which will follow Clowns Lounge, Chip Z’Nuff advised: “I’m going to save you all the cliché’s of what most of the bands use, our new record’s heavy, heavier, this is the greatest record we’ve ever put out, all the lame excuses for what people are to expect in the future. It’s a typical Enuff Z’Nuff’s record. The only difference is I’m singing all the songs. But, we wear our influences proudly on our sleeve, we always have and when people ask me what the new record’s like I always tell them because I want to save all the cliché’s for somebody else, I tell them to picture David Bowie and The Beatles fighting in an alley and Cheap Trick comes in and breaks it up. It’s a rock solid record that I think shows the best side of Enuff Z’Nuff glitter rock-wise and I think there is a lot of nice guitar on the record and some cool songs about everyday experiences I’ve went through and maybe you have as well and I’m looking to put the record out maybe in June or July of 2018 on our label which is called Frontiers Records and we’ll go out and tour extensively promoting the album the whole year. And, that’s the most exciting thing for me, is to be able not just make the records but to get out there and play them live.

With respect to the name of the album, Chip Z’Nuff stated: “It’s called, we haven’t really announced it yet, but the album will be called Diamond Boy.”

Chip Z’Nuff also added: “I’ve been making records with tons of people. I’ve got five records coming out this year. Another band I just did a record with just recently, Zen From Mars. A great band, we’re featuring members from Kik Tracee and Fear Factory and Bang Tango, I think that’s a strong record as well and I’m doing Jon Bon Jovi’s cousin’s album, Mark Bon Jovi, I just produced his album and countless other artists that I’ve been producing and playing with. So, I like to believe that I’ve been very productive in the last three, four years and hopefully I’m not confusing motion with progress. At the end of the day, it’s another record, its more songs out there and that’s what makes me excited to evolve and move ahead and move forward and I wish ever musician has that, I want all of them to have that chance to be able to go out and play as much as you can, that’s what’s most important. We’re not all built to do this but the ones that are, go do it.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Chip Z’Nuff at Just A Rock N Roll Junkie.