Chris Hager states left Ratt in ’81-’82 due to musical differences with Stephen Pearcy

Chris Hager states left Ratt in ’81-’82 due to musical differences with Stephen Pearcy

Current Rough Cutt and former Ratt and Stephen Pearcy solo band guitarist Chris Hager was recently interviewed “live” by the Facebook page “Love 80s Hairbands and Southern Rock Bands !! They Rock!!“ and spoke about his time and relationship with Pearcy.

In terms of ’80s bands that he was a part of other than Rough Cutt, Hager advised: “As far as other bands, I cofounded the band Ratt with Stephen Pearcy. It was called Mickey Ratt at the time. Tat was before RC.”

In regard to how long he was in Ratt and why he left the band, Hager stated: “Clark: Stephen and I had some musical differences of opinion which is why we split. Never affected out friendship though.”

Hager later advised: “Stephen and I played together fromBTW like ’76 -’81 or 2″ and “Also I joined Stephen‘s solo band in Jan of ’13 and we played with him up till about a year ago when RC got going again.”

You can gain access to the “live” question and answer session with Chris Hager by requesting to join the closed Facebook group “Love 80s Hairbands and Southern Rock Bands !! They Rock!!“.

Wikipedia states the following about Ratt‘s early years from 1973 to 1982:

“The origins of Ratt go as far back as 1973 in Hollywood, with a band called Firedome, founded by singer Stephen Pearcy with a few friends. In 1974 the band broke up, with Pearcy forming Crystal Pystal. The name Crystal Pystal was later changed to Buster Cherry, which turned into Mickey Ratt in 1976.

Guitarist Robbin Crosby in those same years had been a member of the bands Metropolis with Tommy Asakawa and Parramore McCarty, Xcalibur, Phenomenon, Secret Service and Mac Meda with Askawa.

Mickey Ratt went through various line-up changes. Members included guitarists Jake E. Lee, Chris Hager, Paul DeNisco, and Bob DeLellis, bassists Matt Thorr, Tim Garcia, Mike New and Dave Jellison, and drummers John Turner, and Bob Eisenberg. The various Mickey Ratt line-ups released several demos compilations and a live concert recording.

In 1980, to increase their chances of landing a recording contract with a major label, the band recorded a single called “Dr. Rock” / “Drivin’ on E”, which was given to fans at their early Los Angeles club shows.

In 1981, the band’s name was shortened to Ratt. Crosby played with the band later in the year. Guitarist Warren DeMartini, recommended by Lee, joined the band in January 1982. Bassist Gene Hunter (from Jake E. Lee‘s Teaser) and drummer Khurt Maier (who played drums on the early “Tell the World” recording featured on the compilation Metal Massacre I) temporarily played in Ratt before the arrival of Bobby Blotzer (ex-Vic Vergeat) and Juan Croucier (previously with Dokken, and musically active since 1973). DeMartini was only 18 years old when he was called up to Los Angeles to join Ratt. At the time he was attending college in San Diego and was reluctant to drop out to join a band that had, so far, had only limited success. Marq Torien briefly replaced DeMartini, though he returned in time for the recording of their first EP, later in 1982.”