Chris Impellitteri Says “Rob Rock Is Officially Back In The Band”


May 10, 2008

Guitarist Chris Impellitteri has confirmed that Rob Rock is back in the band in a recent posting at

Hello Friends. First, I want to thank Guitar World magazine for including Impellitteri in their 50 Fastest Guitarist of All Time article. That was really nice of them to include me. I am definitely guilty of playing hyper-speed all too often.

However, many people tell me I am the guitarist who probably started the craze of hyper-speed shred with the Impellitteri Black EP– (oops– HA! ) SHRED ON !!

Now on to our new record titled “Good and Evil”. The new music is being mixed in Vancouver with Greg Reely (Devil Driver, Fear Factory, etc..) . I can say that this is by far the most amazing recording I have been involved with. It is filled with amazing riffs, fast shredding solos, screaming vocals, and of course a brutal rhythm section.

The goal of this record was to make a historic album that will rival Van Halen 1, Ozzy’s Blizzard of OZ, Pantera – Cowboys from Hell, Yngwie’s Rising force, Metallica’s Master of puppets, and even new artists like Children of Bodom and Avenged Sevenfold.

And so, Impellitteri “Good and Evil” is my attempt to rival the best. Hopefully, we have done our job well !! It was not easy.

And now for all of the patient fans — ROB ROCK is officially back in the band.

Rob Rock is officially back in the band!! The king of scream and melody is once again fronting Impellitteri.

Our fans have eagerly anticipated Rocks return since he left to pursue a solo career in 2000, so to their delight we are officially announcing the return of Rock. I am personally excited at Rob’s contribution on this record, he is singing like a madman, filled with rage and beautiful melody. It should please all of the metal heads around the globe.

Oh, and Impellitteri will be creating their first official My Space Page shortly.

Chris Impellitteri

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