Chris Laney Begins Production Of Solo Album


November 27, 2008

Chris Laney, a member of both Randy Piper’s Animal and Zan Clan, as well as respected producer has begun working on his first solo album. Chris posted the following update at

I am thrilled to announce that I am in production making my solo debut album.

Here some notes:

So far, starting Friday , November 21st, me and Lennart Ostlund has listened through a lot of ideas that I have had in my computer. Some great, some not lol!!

So it was back to writing new stuff, It has been a blast and my inspiration is flowing.

I hooked up with some of my song writing friends including, Anders Ringman (My Platform partner), Anders Lundquist (Whom I have co written songs with for ANIMAL and many more), Zinny Zan (My partner in crime in Zan Clan), Bruce Kulick (KISS, Grand Funk Railroad), Alec Ferrarra (Animal/Zan Clan co writer), Karin Sjogren (Loud) and of coz Lennart who I am brainstorming with 24/7.

Right now 9 songs are roughly recorded with drum machine, guitars, bass and guide vocals.

Wednesday next week I have set my own deadline for songwriting. Then it is time to bring in the guys who will back me up, Johan Koleberg and Nalle Grizzly Palsson, both of Animal, Zan Clan and Therion fame. Nalle also contributed with some songwriting, A big happy family hahahaha.

The sound will be a slightly more melodic that Animal and Zan Clan, But hey, this is MY album and I like that.It is kicking ass all ready.

Here’s some song titles so far:Pissed At What U Missed
I Hate Your Guts
Skin On Skin
The Last Man Standing
Fire & Ice

Keep visting, I will upload news daily from now on.
Chris Laney

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