Cinderella Added To Sweden Rock Fest

Cinderella Added To Sweden Rock Fest

February 23, 2010

Cinderella will play their only show in Scandanavia this year at the Sweden Rock Festival.

In the 80s, Philadelphia’s Cinderella was one of the most lauded and successful bands in glam oriented metal. Their debut “Night Songs” arrived in 1986 to become an instant mega-success. Main characteristics included Tom Keifer’s unmistakable vocals, highly impressive songs and unusually prominent blues influences. The latter became increasingly dominant on the succeding “Long Cold Winter” (1988) and “Heartbreak Station” (1990). After the raunchier “Still Climbing” (1994) Cinderella were forced to take an extended break, since their music no longer had any support from the music industry. Now the band finally make their serious comeback, with their classic line-up intact: Tom Keifer (vocals, guitar), Jeff LaBar (guitar), Eric Brittingham (bass) and Fred Coury (drums). So many of you have longed to see Cinderella at SRF – 2010 is the year when it happens. And it will be the band’s only Scandinavian appearance this year, as you may have guessed.

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