Cinderella And Britny Fox Members Appear On ‘All Ages Sunday’ Documentary Trailer

Cinderella And Britny Fox Members Appear On ‘All Ages Sunday’ Documentary Trailer

December 28, 2010

‘All Ages Sunday’ is a documentary directed and produced by Lou D’Angeli about the Philadephia/South Jersey metal scene in the 80s. The preview below features interviews with members of Heaven’s Edge, Cinderella, Britny Fox, and more! While there is still a long way to go and more interviews to do, in the spirit of the holidays and the hard work of many, the creators of ‘All Ages Sunday’ wanted to share a preview.

When L.A.’s Sunset Strip exploded musically in the 80’s, a metal scene began to build on the other side of the States in the city of brotherly love.

Home to legendary venues like the Empire Rock Club, the Trocodero, Bonnie’s Roxx, and The Galaxy, Philadelphia and South Jersey bolstered a strong local metal conglomerate that gave bands the chance to strut their stuff almost every night.

Philadelphia first landed on the metal map for homegrown talent when Cinderella literally blew the doors off the Empire Rock Club one night in front of Jon Bon Jovi. They signed with Mercury/Polygram Records shortly after this legendary performance. Cinderella’s signing opened the doors for bands like Britny Fox and Heaven’s Edge as the Philadelphia scene began to take off.

Through the years nights in the Philadelphia area saw clubs and venues filled with a die-hard entourage of passionate and loyal fans waiting for the likes of The Dead End Kids, Tangier, Roughhouse, and Faith or Fear to be propelled to stardom.

When the big boys like Van Halen, Ozzy, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, and Ratt tore through Philadelphia, there was no other heavy metal scene like it. The Spectrum and Tower Theater were alive inside and out with everyone united together in music.

Before you could blink an eye the jean jackets, long hair, parking lot bashes, metal radio shows, and leather were gone. Flannel and corduroy filled the streets, metal nights ceased to exist, and what once ruled a city fell almost overnight.

What happened to the bands that ruled big hair and rock n roll in Philadelphia, and the identity they created not only for themselves, but for their city?

From the bands to the clubs to the fans; the passion, the stardom, and the lost identity — Rediscover a time that defined a generation with the people who made it …

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