Cinderella drummer Fred Coury recalls how Gene Simmons gave him start in writing music for TV

Cinderella drummer Fred Coury recalls how Gene Simmons gave him start in writing music for TV

Cinderella drummer Fred Coury was recently interviewed by AXS and how he has reinvented himself from rock star to television composer.

Coury was asked how he got into composing for television to which he stated: “I started way back when, I was still on the road. I started writing things that weren’t rock songs and actually started focusing on the LA Kings in particular. I felt there was a need in the arena for something they just didn’t seem to have. It was just the same sounds over and over, it was the same music. So I thought I would write a song that would be cool for them to put with some highlights or something. That’s really the first thing I did. I put some stuff from a hockey highlight reel and just scored it. It came out really kinda cool. They still use that piece till this day for in-game highlights. That was the beginning of it. Then there was the chance encounter with Gene Simmons from Kiss on the street. He gave me season three of ‘The Family Jewels’.

When I ran into him he asked what I was doing now and I said writing music for television. He said, “Really?” I fibbed it. He asked if I was any good. I thought to myself, what would Gene say? So I said, “Yes I’m very good.” He said “Excellent!” We walk down the street. He introduces me to the producer. He says to the guy, “This is Fred. He’s been a friend for a long time. He’s a TV composer, if he’s any good let’s put him to work.” Then he looks at me and says, “How’s that?!” A few days later I got the gig. He said one thing to me, “I’m not going to take anything away from you, this is yours. Please turn this into something big.” Basically he knew he was giving me an opportunity.”

Coury also had some advice for musicians coming up in the industry today as he stated: “One thing that was instilled in me from my mom from the beginning was to remember this isn’t a party. This is a job. This is the rest of your life and you have to treat it as that. It is hard work. I would say if you are going to school for music, take your musical knowledge and really focus it to find what you want to do. Composing for media is a great way to go. There is so much content needed and there are companies looking for artists to be a different kind of star within music. Music schools are great but musicians need street knowledge as well so get in with other people and learn from them. If you know you are going to make it in this business then you will. If you have doubts, you won’t. If you have something to fall back on you will fall back. Just go for it!”

You can read the rest of the interview with Fred Coury at AXS.