Cinderella Guitarist Already Leaves Dirty Rats


September 18, 2008

Earlier this week former Ratt bassist Juan Croucier announced the addition of Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar to his new band Dirty Rats. Four days later Jeff released the following press release:

“Contrary to Juan Croucier’s press release regarding me (Jeff LaBar) playing with his “Dirty Rats”, I unfortunately must announce that I will not be able to do so. Priorities & prior commitments prevent me from pursing this. I must apologize to Juan & those fans who may have been looking forward to this but the announcement may have been a bit premature. I am first & foremost a member of “Cinderella”. In addition to that, I just completed recording with Frankie Banali, Tony Franklin & “Miss Crazy’s” Markus Allen Christopher with an exciting new project we’re calling “Freakshow”. Those of you who are in touch with these internet rock sites & Myspace may have heard about it. I have very high hopes for what we think is a fuckin’ kick ass cd, which starts mixing today & I am very much committed to. I wish Juan the best of luck in the future & hope he & all you “Ratt” fans will forgive me & check out “Freakshow” when the time comes.

I would also like to thank the “Cinderella” fans for your patience & loyalty as well as let you know, if you love “Cinderella”, wait till you get a load of “Freakshow”!”

FREAKSHOW, the new band that features Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot, Markus Allen Christopher of M!SS CRAZY, Jeff La Bar of Cinderella, and Tony Franklin of The Firm and Blue Murder has posted their first song, entitled “Everyone”, online at

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