Cinderella’s Tom Keifer Turned Into One-Of-A-Kind Barbie Doll

Cinderella’s Tom Keifer Turned Into One-Of-A-Kind Barbie Doll

September 15, 2010

Cinderella's Tom Keifer Turned Into One-Of-A-Kind Barbie DollLaurie Everton of ‘The Barbie Canvas’ is auctioning off her one-of-a-kind Barbie doll of Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer at this location. Everton is an artist that takes normal Barbie dolls and transforms them into something unique.

The auction states, “He started as Speed Racer Ken. I took out the Speed Racer hair and gave him a wig (cut and styled to look like Toms)… it is glued on, so it will stay put. To repaint his face, I first carefully removed all of his old facepaint as I do all my repaints. I repainted him to look like rocker Tom Keifer. Very cool looking… and truley one of a kind! I use quality acrylic paints (Golden) and all paint has been sealed with artist sealer for permanence and protection. He also has facial detail/shading with pastels to give him a more realistic look. He will come dressed in black leather like pants, long black leather coat (with added silver studs/decor/skull), a black and brown animal print scarf, tan boots, silver neckchain, silver chain earrings, microphone stand, black Les Paul guitar with stand and case… I also added a black guitar strap to it. If you’re a Cinderella – Tom Keifer fan (like me) this is for sure a must have!”

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