Circus Life Get “Blown Away” On Debut Video

Circus Life Get “Blown Away” On Debut Video

September 17, 2013

Circus Life have released a video for the song “Blown Away”, the first single from their debut album ‘Little Secrets’.

Circus Life is the sound of three friends who love rock and roll. Three friends who love playing music together. Three friends who hate the idea of rock and roll becoming an artifact.

All veterans of hard working, touring bands, the boys in Circus Life — vocalist/guitarist Tommy Zamp, bassist Jakk and drummer Rev Swank — came together out of a shared passion for keeping the flame of rock and roll alive. After a few gigs around their hometown of New York City, they realized they had something special going on and went ahead and recorded a record.

The recently released ‘Little Secrets’ LP is 55 minutes of rock and roll bliss, from the barnstorming opener “Blown Away” to the metallic boogie of “Dose”, the psychedelic blues of “Hard To Breathe” to the tender balladry of “I’m Leaving,” the funky swagger of “Made It” to the instrumental sigh of album closer “Muse” — and plenty more chestnuts in between. The sound captured is three guys singing and playing instruments and having a good time.

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