Circus Of Power Debut To Get Reissue Treatment


December 1, 2008

Alex Mitchell has told that Rock Candy Records ( will be re-issuing the Circus Of Power debut.

There is no set date for release at this time. The reissue is to be remastered and will include a 14 page booklet as well as a 4000 word essay about the band. This is LONG overdue.

The Circus Of Power tribute CD,”Working For The Machine”, is also now available for $9.99 plus shipping. If you are intersted in ordering, please email Supply is VERY limited.

Circus Of Power Debut To Get Reissue Treatment

Bands that play on “Working For The Machine”:

Smartbomb Covert Operation – Machine
J.D. Nash & Red Circle – Needles
Medicine Ball Caravan – Call Of The Wild
Almighty Lumberjacks of Death – In The Wind
Nancy Hole – Motor
Wolf King – Heart Attack
Rusty Eye – Mama Tequila
Confederacy Of Horsepower – Backseat Mama
L.I.E.S. – Don’t Drag Me Down
Autodistruzione Blues – Motor
Burnaby Leather – Doctor Potion
Bourbon and Branch – Circles
Rev. Paul S. Cunnynghame – Slip Away
Gudenlawd – Waitin’ For The Wizard
Hell Dormer – Letters Home
Eerie Von – Vices
Vengeance Motor Club – Call Of The Wild

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