Circus Of Power reunite and release video for new song “Fast And Easy” from upcoming new album ‘Four’

Circus Of Power reunite and release video for new song “Fast And Easy” from upcoming new album ‘Four’

New York rockers Circus Of Power have released a video for their new song “Fast And Easy” which can be viewed and is being premiered at Loudwire. The new track will be on the group’s new upcoming studio album Four, which will be the band’s first album of new material in 24 years.

Circus Of Power‘s “Fast And Easy” video:

Circus of Power “Fast and Easy”

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The press release states (with slight edits):

“November 3, 2017 – They’re back! From the streets of New York City and the gutters of Los Angeles, the kings of 80s and 90s biker rock, Circus of Power, make their hugely anticipated return with their first new album in a quarter of a century. Vocalist and songwriter Alex Mitchell has drafted the talents of former Kyuss and Fu Manchu drummer and Stoner Rock legend, Brant Bjork, to command the drumming duties on fourteen brand new Stones-y, Pseudo Psychedelic, Street Rock anthems. Stretching out into bold new territories , while keeping true to the ever identifiable, classic C.O.P. sound, tracks like “Fast and Easy,” “Hard Drivin’ Sister” and “American Monster” are sure to excite fans, old and new.

The band’s first new video, “Fast and Easy”, the first single from their upcoming album, Four, premieres online with Loudwire today!

Circus of Power was the personification of East Coast sleaze rock during the late 80s and early 90s. Formed in the mid 1980s, during the burgeoning New York City club scene, the classic line-up of Alex Mitchell (vocals), Ryan Maher (drums), Ricky Beck Mahler (guitars), and Gary Sunshine (bass), were signed to RCA records and promptly released their seminal, self-titled debut album debut. Their brand of bluesy, bad-ass biker rock set the perfect backdrop for their lyrical swagger and stories of debauchery and depravity. A live EP, (1989’s ‘Still Alive‘), and second full length, (1990’s ‘Vices‘), continued their musical tradition and thrust the band towards new heights, securing major tours and MTV airplay.

Line-up and label changes led to the third full length album, 1993’s ‘Magic and Madness‘ released on Columbia Records, the album ushered in a more melodic sound for the band, while losing none of the grit that fans had grown to expect. The group disbanded in the mid-90s, and despite a few sporadic “reunion” gigs, Circus of Power has been largely inactive…until now. With a fresh new line-up, including Stoner Rock legend, Brant Bjork, on the drumming duties, the band is set to release their first new material in a quarter of a century.

Get ready to ‘Motor’ on down and revisit all of your old ‘Vices‘, because C.O.P. is back!

For more on Circus of Power, visit their Facebook page.”