CJ Snare reveals 15% of promoters were amenable to Andrew Freeman filling in at FireHouse shows

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

CJ Snare reveals 15% of promoters were amenable to Andrew Freeman filling in at FireHouse shows

Last In Line lead vocalist Andrew Freeman was recently interviewed by Troy Patrick Farrell (Angels In Vein, ex-White Lion) for the This, That And The Other Radio Show podcast.

Back in July to September 2021, Freeman filled in as the FireHouse singer at a number of shows given that the band’s frontman CJ Snare was down and out with some stomach issues and was then later recovering from surgery pertaining to some abdominal issues. Freeman, who is undeniably a great singer, has fronted a number of other bands including Hurricane, Lynch Mob and Great White (the latter for less than five months in 2022). Freeman has sometimes criticized other musicians for no apparent reason. Back in late August 2019, Freeman posted comments on Facebook indicating that “everything” [in terms of potential songs] that his former Lies, Deceit & Treachery bandmate Mick Sweda had sent him “sucked.”

During his interview on the This, That And The Other Radio Show and podcast, Freeman was quoted (as provided by Farrell) as saying: When I filled in for Cj (Snare of FireHouse) he was not super happy about it.” One day ago, Metal Sludge ran an article based on some of those Freeman quotes titled HE DON’T CARE … Andrew Freeman on singing for Great White: “They Got Sneaky About It” and FireHouse: “Cj Snare Was Not Happy”.

Snare apparently took exception to this since he made the following reply comment on Metal Sludge‘s Facebook post:

“Here’s the FireHouse story.

I invited Andrew to fill in for me for a handful of shows. I was VERY happy that he was willing and able.

55% of the promoters rescheduled our shows, 35% canceled, and 15% were amenable to Andrew filling in. We spoke together, we collaborated, and he even came out to a FireHouse show that we all invited him to in Las Vegas, to catch the vibe. The guy told me to hurry up and recover, my people needed me.

I have NEVER been unhappy with Andrew and I’m so grateful that he was there to cover for me after a long hiatus from COVID-19 with ALL bands and to have my back right after a major abdominal surgery.