CKG featuring two W.A.L.K.E.R members release cover of Warrant’s “Cold Sweat”

CKG featuring two W.A.L.K.E.R members release cover of Warrant’s “Cold Sweat”

CKG consisting of Coey Cruz (bass, guitar and backing vocals), Glen Walker (lead and backing vocals) and Kelan Hughes (guitar solo) have unveiled their cover of Warrant‘s track “Cold Sweat.” Walker and Hughes are also bandmates in the group W.A.L.K.E.R.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Cruz explained how CKG came about. “It all started when I saw an article on facebook that you could submit Warrant covers for a chance to be part of a Warrant/Jani Lane tribute album [via FnA Records]. That made me interested in submitting a track for the album, so I started to look through Warrant‘s discography and see which song that would be fun to do. I thought about doing “Cold Sweat” since its a really good track and one of Warrant‘s hidden gems. I asked Glen if he would like to record some vocals and/or guitar for the song since he’s the best singer out there and a really really nice guy! We started to record and the rough first mix/demo turned out absolutely brilliant.

Later along came Kelan [Kelan “KDH” Hughes] that recorded one hell of a solo for the song. After all the extra guitar parts and vocals were done, we sent the song in to mix and master. When the mixing and mastering was done, we sent it in to the Warrant tribute album submission. But unfortunately, we fell on the finish line due to some issues with the label and another band that previously had regretted being on the album but later changed their mind. So we were thinking, ‘What should we do with the song?”  Then I came with the idea that we should maybe release it on streaming platforms instead of just letting it collect dust. Thats pretty much how CKG came about.”

Walker added: “When asked if I was interested in participating, I jumped at the opportunity. Any chance to create music with talented players and more importantly — good people — is a win in my book.”

With respect to how they came up with the name CKG, Cruz indicated: “While waiting for the record label to check our submission, we thought about what we should call the band and we came up with the idea of naming it CKG, which is the first letters in our names [Coey, Kelan, Glen]. Walker added: “When I heard that idea, I felt it was so simple and to the point. It does what it says on the box!”

In terms of what the future holds for CKG, Cruz indicated: “The future can only tell. This experience was incredibly enjoyable. We all had fun and walked away happy with the result. I would love to release new music ASAP. We all think it would be fun to have some artists featured in some track. The best thing — the dream — for me would be if we could find a good record deal and release an album or EP to reach out to the larger mass and show the world what CKG has to offer. But finding a record deal is not the easiest thing. Still we have goals and visions that we will fight for until they are achieved. But it is important to always set higher and higher goals and visions to fight for all the time. Nothing can become perfect but we can make it come close if we fight hard enough. Every dream can become true if you fight hard enough for them.”

CKG‘s “Cold Sweat” single: