CKG unleash lyric video for their cover of Warrant’s “Cold Sweat”

CKG unleash lyric video for their cover of Warrant’s “Cold Sweat”

Following the release of their cover of Warrant‘s song “Cold Sweat” earlier this month, CKG consisting of Coey Cruz (bass, guitar and backing vocals), Glen Walker (lead and backing vocals) and Kelan Hughes (guitar solo) have just released a lyric video for the track. “Cold Sweat” first appeared on Warrant‘s debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (1989).

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Cruz was asked how the response was to CKG‘s cover of Warrant‘s “Cold Sweat” to which he replied:

“The response has been absolutely amazing. There hasn’t been any comments / feedback about anyone who didn’t like our version of the song. We worked hard to make it our own and as good as possible for the listeners. The streams and views has been more than we could ever imagine in this short period. So we are extremely thankful about all the support we have gotten, the fans mean everything! We are so grateful that Sleaze Roxx has shared the news about our version of “Cold Sweat”. It has always been a dream to be featured on Sleaze Roxx. Thanks once again. We have gotten a lot of comments saying that we should release new music, drop an album and keep the music coming, and all I can say about that right now is to keep an eye open at our Instagram and Facebook pages. We will make sure that we won’t dissapoint anyone! Our Instagram and Facebook pages are always open so drop a comment or direct / personal me if you’re wondering anything or just want to tell us what you think about the song.”

In terms of what prompted CKG to do a lyric video for it and how fast that they were able to come up with one, Cruz indicated: “We had some ideas prior to the single release about making a video but we did not make one at that point. It was only until late Tuesday [May 23rd] evening / Wednesday [May 24th] night this week when we discussed about making a video or not that Glen came up with an idea for a video. His idea was that is not too late to make a video now and that “Even something cool like a TV with the single cover showing static every now and then might be really cool!” and then I really, really liked that idea and said that he could try to make something like that. So I started to make a video combining Glen‘s idea with my own ideas and those ideas are what the video turned out to be. We combined a visualizer with a lyric video and then made it to have a more old school vibe to it which everyone loves, right? The video got done pretty quick, it was very enjoyable making that video. It took about six or seven hours for me to make that video and we all think it turned out really great. Sleaze Roxx readers, what would you like CKG to do next? An album, EP, more covers? Let us know what you want us to make and we will deliver!”

CKG‘s “Cold Sweat” lyric video: