Cold Sweat to play first gig since 1990 at upcoming Monsters of Rock Cruise

Cold Sweat to play first gig since 1990 at upcoming Monsters of Rock Cruise

Keel and Cold Sweat guitarist Marc Ferrari was recently interviewed by the 80’s Glam MetalCast podcast.

With respect to Cold Sweat‘s reunion at the Monsters of Rock Cruise which departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA in two days (and including the MORC Pre-Cruise Party show at the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida, USA tonight), Ferrari indicated (as transcribed by the 80’s Glam MetalCast with slight edits): “I am gearing up for the Monsters of Rock Cruise. I am actually pulling triple duty for this cruise. Keel is on the boat. Every boat should have a Keel! This will be our fifth time on the cruise. But the really exciting news for the fans is the resurrection of Cold Sweat. It will be our first show since 1990! It’s been 30 years since I played with the Cold Sweat guys. I am also doing a Kiss set with Anthony and Chris from Cold Sweat and Jamie St. James from Black N’ Blue.

We have had offers to go on the cruise before, but I was the stick in the mud. I was really busy with work related stuff and raising a child. With the passage of time, certain wounds have healed and I got a little reminiscent about the past. We also re-released the Cold Sweat album last year, so the combination of all these things softened me up to do this. As for more gigs — we got offered to play the M3 Fest but we couldn’t the get dollars needed  to do it. With guys living all around the country, it takes x amount of dollars just to get them out the door. We’ve been submitted to do some other festival gigs so we’ll see… I’m open to it.”

In terms of Cold Sweat‘s album Break Out 30 years later, Ferrari stated: “Listening back to it today, I’ll still get a kick out of hearing “Four on the Floor” “Take This Heart of Mine” “Killing Floor” and “Crying Shame.” They still are the high octane songs they’ve always been. They continue to hold their own 30 years later. Cold Sweat had the unfortunate thing of time against us. This album should have come out 1988, that’s when I left Keel. I put the band together and we had some name changes and line-up changes. In 1988, commercial hard rock and the hair metal scene was still was healthy. This album came out in 1990. By the time 1991 rolled around, the Nirvana album hit and you see a change in musical tastes. So we really caught the tail end of the commercial rock scene. Had this album come out in 1988 like it should have, our trajectory would have been much different. Also, MCA weren’t really known as a “rock” label. We had an offer from “Megaforce” who did really well with Anthrax and King’s X. But we ended up taking a chance with MCA and got bit by it.”

You can listen to the interview with Marc Ferrari from the 80’s Glam MetalCast below:

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