Collateral unleash video for new single “Can’t Hold Me Down”

Collateral unleash video for new single “Can’t Hold Me Down”

UK rockers Collateral featuring lead vocalist / guitarist Angelo Tristan, guitarist Todd Winger, bassist Jack BentleySmith and drummer Ben Atkinson have released a video for their latest single “Can’t Hold Me Down.”

Noble PR Consultancy‘s press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

Collateral launch the “Can’t Hold Me Down” video which they describe as an “empowering” rock song that embraces the theme of hope in the face of such a turbulent 2020. The single is released today.

Singer Angelo Tristan says of “Can’t Hold Me Down’”: “Many bands were struck hard at the start of the year with Collateral being struck halfway through their debut album tour that reached Top 5 in the Official UK Rock Charts so there is no surprise that frustration would lead to an empowering full out rock song that would hopefully inspire people across the world to keep focus on the light at the end of the tunnel… and that is exactly what they have done. “Can’t Hold Me Down” is a song that has many layers and stories that ultimately comes back to one thing, ‘I won’t be held down’. We didn’t want to write a typical ‘Covid’ song. What’s the point? The 6 o’clock news is doing that for you day in day out. People don’t need that right now. Some people might see this as a rebellious track. Maybe it is. Our intention is only to try and inspire people to get through the other side of this with a track that brings comfort and a hard pounding beat.””

Collateral‘s “Can’t Hold Me Down” video: