Cinderella Concert Review


Show Date: March 19, 2010
Location: Denver, Colorado, Maryland, USA
Venue: The Grizzly Rose
Reviewer: Dale Roberts
Band Websites: –

Cinderella made a triumphant return to the stage the other night at the Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado. The venue was very full as easily over 1000 fans came out to see the reunited ’80s rockers.

The opening act, a local Denver band named Drug Under, finished up at 9:30pm, but Cinderella did not take the stage until 10:45pm. Maybe it was a ploy to sell more beer, but once they came out the extended wait was all forgotten.

Singer Tom Keifer sounded good, but looked a little uncomfortable and was definitely holding back his signature vocal sounds. I made a comment that he may have had to learn a different singing style after his recent throat problems.

After the 5th song a little break took place on stage with the band member’s kind of chatting near drummer Fred Coury‘s kit. Tom then approached the microphone stand and told us that, “This is our first show in over three years. A lot of you know about the throat problems I’ve had and I got to admit, I’m a little nervous.” Cheers filled the hall and then the band went into the next song. By the time they kicked it up a notch Tom tested his pipes and you could tell he was feeling good. It was at that moment that it felt like he let go and the rest of the show was classic Cinderella. When they hit the last note and Tom shouted, “Thank you, goodnight!”, it was like 20 years had disappeared in a moment.

After a 5 minute break Cinderella came back out for the encore, kicking into the crowd favorite “Shake Me”. It was a great ending to a great night and a good 90 minute set. I’m glad to see the boys back at it and they should be primed and ready for a real summer tour.

01. Second Wind
02. Push Push
03. Somebody Save Me
04. The Last Mile
05. Night Songs
06. Heartbreak Station
07. Coming Home
08. Fallin’ Apart At The Seams
09. Long Cold Winter
10. Gypsy Road
11. Don’t Know You Got (Till It’s Gone)
12. Nobody’s Fool
13. Shelter Me
14. Shake Me