Dealer (Junkyard) Concert Review


Show Date: May 25, 2007
Location: Austin, Texas, U.S.A.
Venue: The Jackalope
Reviewer: John

As of this last Thursday…I really didn’t know what I was gonna do over the Memorial Day weekend, but the great thing about living in Austin is that there is always good music happening somewhere.

Friday night I went to see the Jolly Garogers at the Alamo Drafthouse…yep…they played at a movie/dinner theater right before Pirates of the Caribbean. Jolly Garogers are a pop band with a pirate theme, they are good at what they do. It was actually a fun night. The people sitting next to us had no idea a rock band was gonna be playing before the movie…and I think it was that way with most of the crowd. Every time that I have seen the Jolly Garogers they have always been good at winning over the crowd…and that is exactly what they did Friday night.

Then…Saturday morning I found out about a cool show that could only happen in Austin. With Austin’s newest band/supergroup…Dealer!


David RoachJunkyard
Adam FeverCrank County Daredevils
Erik LarsonGSC and Johnny Law
Jonie HellHickoids
Billy ChainsawHellapeno

Junkyard were a band similar to Dangerous Toys…some of the band was from Austin and the rest was from Los Angeles. The singer, David Roach, has a unique voice and Junkyard‘s debut album is held in the same high regard as the debut from Dangerous Toys.

So…I was excited to see Dealer.

But the show almost didn’t happen…the band were on stage ready to go…calling for Roach to join them…and he was nowhere to be found! I looked over and saw him sitting at a table with some people and it was obvious that he was very drunk. He kinda put his head down…and I was thinking…oh no…this show ain’t gonna happen. But just when I thought this was gonna be a disaster, Roach went up on stage and the band ripped into the first song.

It was exciting…cameras flashing…the crowd was really into it. And amazingly…Roach sounded great. He is a talent, a great singer, but he was drunk…no doubt about it. But it was a free show so I can’t really complain…and the band was killer. The highlight was when Junkyard‘s guitarist, Chris Gates, joined them on stage for a Junkyard tune.

Dealer  played cover tunes including Ace Of Spades and Anarchy In The UK…but they didn’t play long…only about 35 minutes.

Austin rocks!